Description: Cancellation:  Please note that this bid has been cancelled.  To be advised. Bid request for the appointment of service provider for cash collection for a period of three years. See full details
Region: Gauteng
Ref No: 44179
Client type: Government
Deadline:25 May 201712:00pm

Description:  l need to know  about you and l want Jeep and Magnum boots regards See full details
Region: Freestate,KwaZulu-Natal,Mpumalanga,Gauteng,International,North West Province,Limpopo,Cape - Eastern,Cape - Western,Cape - Northern
Ref No: 44178
Client type: Commercial
Deadline:25 May 201710:00am

Description: Bid request for the supply and installation of CCTV and access control systems, infrastructure - goods and services. See full details
Region: Cape - Western
Ref No: 44177
Client type: Government
Deadline:06 Jun 201712:00pm

Description: Bid request for the erection of palisade fencing.   See full details
Region: Cape - Eastern
Ref No: 44176
Client type: Government
Deadline:06 Jun 201712:00pm

Description: Bid request for the supply, maintenance, inspection and servicing of fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire hydrants and booster connecdtions. CIDB  grading of 3SF/2SF PE or higher required. See full details
Region: Freestate
Ref No: 44175
Client type: Government
Deadline:22 Jun 201711:30am

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Barriers (3)
Batteries (0)
Beams (0)
Cabinets (0)
Cameras (2)
CCTV (76)
Counters (0)
Covert (3)
Doors (0)
Fencing (1)
Flooring (0)
Footwear (10)
Furniture (0)
Gates (0)
Glass (0)
Hinges (0)
Intercoms (4)
Isolators (0)
Keypads (6)
Laser (0)
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Motors (21)
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Readers (0)
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X-ray (21)

Tender Alert Service

The Tender alert service provides you with High and Low Value Tenders for both the Public and Private Sectors. We offer a unique service tailored to meet the needs of Security Companies throughout South Africa.

Each Tender is manually validated and listed according to your Services Offered and region ensuring you only receive Tenders relevant to your business.